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The Starting Point
CyberSurfers, Inc. has been providing Internet services since 1996. Initially set up to serve small "Mom & Pop" businesses in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, CyberSurfers has expanded its Internet infrastructure and services to support medium and large organizations at prices even small "Mom & Pop" shops can afford.

The "Dot Com Wipeout" is now over.
Early in 1996, the need for affordable web based technology was becoming mainstream; however, there were no easy to use web based solutions for small business owners at an affordable price. As many professional web companies focused on the creation of expensive high end graphics for "brochure ware" and opted for the use of "short cut development programs", CyberSurfers focused on creating core technology that would be necessary to give web sites functionality in the years to come. Today, CyberSurfers owns multiple technologies that drive large web portals as well as small and large business backend systems.

Traditional Values
Using century old business methods and offering innovation, superior products, outstanding customer service and affordabe solutions, CyberSurfers has gained a competitive edge over our few remaing competitors. Because CyberSurfers did not get caught up in the "dot bomb" hype and spending sprees, and due to its ownership in valuable code, it is now possible for any business to benefit from our solutions.