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The Internet is one of the most cost effective methods available for selling products to potential clients. CreateStore v3.0 is the product of choice if you wish to sell or catalog your products online. Join the multitude of companies currently using CreateStore and start reaping the benefits of a powerful, easy to use, and affordable online catalog and e-commerce system.

TOP 5 Reasons to use CreateStore
Increase Online Sales/Supplement Existing Revenues
Display Your Catalog Products/Services Online
Powerful/Expendable System
Professional Look And Feel/Proven/Easy To Use
Gain Additional Respect And Cooperation From Your Suppliers/Subsidize Marketing Costs

eCommerce Why Clients Have Switched From Other E-Commerce Systems To CreateStore

Customer Convenience
Experienced online shoppers have become more "picky" about where they shop and buy online. They know what they want and want it quickly without sacrificing quality customer service. The appearance of a web site and ease of use of E-Commerce will often determine if the shopper will have trust in a business.

Customer Trust
Unprofessional, "build it yourself" E-Commerce systems are easily identified by experienced online shoppers. Because so many fraudulent companies are using such systems, shoppers are increasingly avoiding these sites in order to minimize the possibility of fraud and poor customer service.

Four requirements of a successful and professional E-Commerce web site are; front end appearance, front end functionality, back end functionality, and ease of use. Without all of these, the probability of increased online sales is minimal. Unlike many third party E-commerce products, the functions of CreateStore can be customized to your specific business needs. This capability will permit you to outshine your competitors at a price you can afford.

Top CreateStore Features
  • Unlimited Expandability & Customization
  • Export & Import Features (Excel,text,CSV,etc.)
  • Manage Your Orders
  • Built-in Content Management
  • Create Unlimited Categories
  • Create Unlimited Sub Categories
  • Create Unlimited Independent Options (attributes)
  • Create Unlimited Independent Option Elements (attribute elements)
  • Enable/Disable Categories, Products, Options, and Elements
  • Upload Unlimited Product Images and Thumbnails
  • Accept Credit Cards/Checks Online Or Take Orders Via E-mail
  • Calculate Shipping With UPS, FedEx, And USPS
  • Configure Pop-Ups
  • Configure Banners
  • Maintain Product Inventory
  • And much more...