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CyberSurfers provides custom hosting solutions which allow a tailored approach to match your business needs. Fully managed, partially managed, and collocated hosting packages are available. Our multiple OC-12 connectivity makes our network an excellent choice for even those with the highest bandwidth demands.

Security photoSecurity Options
To deal with the increasing number of denial of server attacks on business servers around the world, CyberSurfers makes available various security/firewall maintenance levels. CyberSurfers will help you evaluate your risks and propose one of many customized security solutions.

Data Backup Plans
Depending on your needs, custom tailored data backup plans are available to help restore both configuration and customer data in the event of hardware failures and/or a catastrophy. CyberSurfers will help you understand the pros and cons of various backup methods and help you determine the plan that is right for you.

CyberSurfers’ Network Facilities
Network Control Center photo Cybersurfers collocates with Verio’s Premier Network Operation Center in Sterling, Virginia. Verio Inc., is a subsidiary of, and backed by the resources of NTT Communications. According to Verio, NTT is ranked as the world's largest telecommunications company in revenue and market valuation in Fortune Magazine's Global 500 and has the highest bond rating of all telecommunications companies worldwide. In addition, Verio offers CyberSurfers’ clients the benefits of a highly secure data center facility featuring the following:

  • Continuous redundant uninterruptible power supplies and multiple redundant back-up and standby generators.
  • Redundant Internet connections with 24-hour monitoring.
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression and environmental controls.
  • Constant temperature and humidity, Fire Protection Early Warning System, FM-200 gas-based fire suppression system, double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system.
  • CyberSurfers controlled locked cabinet, 24/7 monitoring by VERIO staff from state-of-the-art control room, 24/7 security and video surveillance with security guards and mantrap controlled entrance/exit.
  • Entrance to the facility requires a registered pass and uses bio-metrics to open doors.

Server photoServers
All of our servers are custom built to meet our stringent requirements. Neptune Servers, the hardware division of CyberSurfers, specializes in the building of multi-processor, software and hardware based RAID 1U, 2U and 4U rack-mount servers.

The CyberSurfers Network
Network illustration The CyberSurfers tier-two network resides on Verio’s Global IP Network. Verio provides CyberSurfers with exceptional network support, virtually 100% uptime, and multiple tier-one peering arrangements that enhance network availability and improve network performance. Our agreement with Verio allows us to utilize "burst-able", on-demand bandwidth as needed, thus virtually eliminating network bottlenecks during peak network consumption times. CyberSurfers is billed by Verio using the 95th percentile method for the bandwidth used every month by our network portals and clients. As a result, CyberSurfers hosting packages include an allocation of monthly bandwidth for each client and additional billing is only for bandwidth used beyond the pre-allotted bandwidth allocation.