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Newsletter Tracking System (NTS)
Sending an electronic newsletter is the perfect solution for keeping in touch with your existing clients and registered users. However, once you send your newsletter, do you know the pertinent information that will improve the success of your marketing campaign?

TOP 5 Reasons to use NTS
Easy To Manage Your Customer Contacts
Shows How Many E-mails Were Opened
Determines What Recipients Are Reading
Lists Why Undelivered E-mails Were Rejected
Reduces Print/Mailing Costs And Improves Targeting

NTS collage Expensive Mailing Costs
After a traditional newsletter mailing (U.S. Postal or electronic), the only statistic available is how many newsletters were sent. This changes with the use of the CyberSurfers Newsletter Tracking System (NTS). The NTS allows you to determine a wide variety of statistics, improve your readers' interest, and to make your campaigns more effective. The ability to track is the ability to give your readers the information they want and need. This means more dollars in your bank account.

The developers of NTS know how difficult it is to manage multiple contact lists and maintain targeted marketing for those lists. The NTS organizes your contacts and groups in its easy to use contact management tool.

Manage Your Contacts By:

  • Using the powerful search interface
  • Segmenting your audience into multiple groups
  • Keeping lists "clean" and up to date
  • Importing and exporting customer data

Making the most of your customer data through the use of powerful the NTS contact management features will result in more effective promotions and communications.

Additional Features:

  • Graphical and tabular success reports
  • Specific links clicked by recipients
  • Automatic unsubscribe for recipients
  • Additional custom reports to further define statistics

The majority of advertising agencies do not provide the specific information required to analyze the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns. This is because they usually do not have the technology and/or it would be "risky business for them" to tell you the exact results of your marketing campaigns. Using statistics generated by NTS will enable you to increase your sales while reducing other costs associated with your marketing campaigns. The NTS puts the "truth of statistics" into your hands.