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If you need to attract visitors to your web site and promote your business, you have several options from which to choose. CyberSurfers can help you promote your business web site in a manner that best suits your needs. Call CyberSurfers today to speak with a representative that will help you determine the products that will benefit your business most.

Below are a few popular types of promotion, how pricing is determined, and how performance is measured. Call CyberSurfers today to fully understand how the industry works before you spend any resources on any online promotion. Having an understanding of this knowledge will give you the power to make intelligent decisions that will have a direct impact on your spending.

  1. Most Popular Types Of Web Site Promotion
    • Search Engines & Portal Listings
    • Banner Advertising
    • Pop-Up Windows
  2. Typical Payment Methods
    • CPL (cost per listing)
    • CPM (cost per thousand exposures)
    • CPC (cost per click)
    • CPA (cost per action)
  3. Most Important Site Traffic Statistics
    • Monthly Unique Visitors (Number of individuals not counting repeat visits)
    • Number of average page views per unique (How many pages do they visit)
    • Number of uniques within the given section that you will be advertising
    • Number of uniques within the actual page that you will be advertising
    • Click-thru Rate (percentage of people that click on a banner)

Note: Never mention the word "hits" again. Hits mean absolutely nothing unless you are trying to determine server and hard drive performance or bandwidth requirements. What you really care about are daily/monthly non-repeat unique visitors, page views, average page views/unique, and click thru rates.

Here are some examples of the various types of promotions and how payment for these services is calculated.

CPL (cost per listing)
Some major search engines and some industry specific portals will have a Cost Per Listing package. This means that you will pay a yearly or monthly fee to be listed in either a category or under specific keywords. The most important question to ask before subscribing to a CPL package is how many monthly unique visitors a search engine will attract under the category that you will be listed.

CPM (cost per thousand exposures)
An example of a CPM rate could be the following: $10 cpm or 1cent per banner exposure. A banner is a graphic image, or even a text word that will appear on a web site. A CPM rate of $10 means that a banner will be shown 1,000 times for the cost of $10. This is a popular method and favored for most web portals or search engines because there is no risk to them. They will simply display your banner that links to your web site and usually collect your money in advance. However, if using this method of advertising, it is important to ask if the banner is tied to Unique Visitors or to Page Views. It is important to be assured that the same "unique visitor" will be limited to the number of times he/she will see your banner.

CPC (cost per click)
An example of a CPC rate could be the following: 40cents per click. This means that each time a user clicks on your banner, it will cost you 40cents. This is still common, and is to the advantage of the person doing the advertising because they get a lot of free branding. However, there must be strict monitoring to avoid multiple clicks from the same user, fraudulent clicks, and limits must be set to avoid too many clicks within a given period of time.

CPA (cost per action)
An example of a CPA rate could be the following: $5 for every customer that buys your product or service. This means that every time someone clicks on your banner and then actually buys your product, you pay $5 to the publisher. This is the very best for your business (the advertiser) because you have no risk and obtain free branding. However, this method is not as common because the publisher takes all of the risk. This was common a few years ago but due to lack of signups, most publishers do not offer this method of advertising without specific partnerships.

Pop-ups are the annoying pop up ads that you see all the time. These will pop up on top, or behind the web site. The payment methods are the same as the CPM, CPC, and CPA.